We understand the importance of equipment working perfectly 100% at all times. We therefore offer you equipment, which is the highest quality and best maintained.

We continue to hunt out new ways of providing the best value packages and make sure your camera budget goes on the right equipment so you end up seeing it on the screen and not just on the invoice.


Arri Alexa
  • 1ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme (35 mm )
  • 2ARRICAM Lite (35 mm)
  • 3Alexa Digital Camera
  • 4Red Digital Cinema Camera/Red Epic/RED MX
  • Red Epic Camera Hire
  • 5Panasonic AJ-HPX-2700 P2 HD Camera
  • 6Panasonic HD Varicam AJ-HDC 27 HE Camera
  • 7Panasonic HDX-900 HD Camcorder
  • 8Sony HDW -F900R Cine Alta 24P
  • Canon C300 Camera
  • 9Sony HDW - 750P 25P/50iHD
  • 10Sony PMW-500 XDCAM-HD
  • 11Panasonic AG-HVX200
  • 12Sony PMW - EX3 XDCAM Camcorder
  • Sony ex-3 xdcam
  • 13Canon Digital EOS C300
  • 14Canon Digital SLR EOS 7D Camera
  • 15Canon Digital SLR EOS 5D Mark II/Mark III Camera


  • 1ARRI Ultra Prime Lens kit - 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 50mm, 85mm Zoom lenses - Angeneiux (Angeneiux 25mm-250mm zoom lens, ARRI ALURA 45mm-250mm zoom lens)
  • 2Canon Cine Lenses - HJ11 x 4.7B - III KLL-SC/ HJ21 x 7.5B - III KLL-SC.
  • Arri Ultra Prime
  • 3Canon HJ 22 X 7.6
  • 4Canon EF 24-70 mm, f4, L Series
  • 5Canon EF 16-35 mm, f2.8, L Series
  • 6Canon EF 70-200 mm, f2.8, L Series
  • 7Canon 50 mm EF Lens f1.8


  • 1Sony PVM 14 L1 / L2 Broadcast Monitors
  • 2Sony PVM 9 L2 Portable Broadcast Monitors
  • 3Marshall V-LCD70XP-HDML - SL Monitor
  • 4Lightweight follow focus set (FF4)
  • 5Tripods
  • 6Chroszial Clip-on Matt Box
  • 7Tiffin Filters ND Grads (3,6,9), Color Grads, Pro-Mists, Polariserand Clear Filters
  • 8SD cards 4GB, 16GB, 32GB and card readers
  • 9Mac Back up Workstation


  • 1Arri Max 18K/12K
  • 2Arri Par 6K/4K/2.5K/1.8K/1.2K
  • 3Joker Bug 800/400W Par (Chimera Ring and Soft Box)
  • 4Dedo 400/575 Par (Chimera Ring, softbox with Gobo Lens)
  • 5Kino Flo with 4FT X 10 bank/8 bank/4 bank
  • 6Kino Flo with 2FT X 4 bank/2 bank
  • 7Kino Flo DIVA 200/400 (Dimmable bi-ax Lamps)
  • 8Dedo 150W with Dimmer
  • 9Arri Tungsten 2K Open face
  • 10Arri 800W Red Heads Opens face (Speed Ring & Chimera softbox)
  • 11Lowel 1000W softie kit
  • 12LED Litepanel 1feet X 1feet (Bi-color)


  • 1Shure FP 42 and 32/33 field audio mixers
  • 2Sennheiser SQN 5S/4S/2S field audio mixers
  • 3Sound Device 552 Portable Audio Mixer
  • 4Sound Device 702 Portable Digital Audio Recorder
  • 5SENNHEISER MKH 416/60 BOOM MICS with Rycotes, windshield and boom rods
  • 6Sennheiser 500 / 100 series Cordless UHF lapel microphones
  • 7Shure UP-4 Radio V RMS mic
RS170 Hires Recorder

grip list

  • 1Panther Classic Dolly with steel straight/round track
  • 2Jimmy Jib 40ft with Dutch Head
  • 3Steadicam
  • 4Keywest Dolly
  • 5Quadra Jib 8 ft.
  • 6Car Mount
  • 7Apple Box
  • 8Skimmer Frames
  • 9Green Screen/Blue Screen
  • 10Various Flags/Stands/Clamps/Magic Arm